First: A Special Message from the Specials And Electives team - Thanks for a great year!

"Neverending Story" - A collaboration between Choir and Art Tech.

Advanced Orchestra performs "The Patriot

Get Dramatic - With this recording from Shakespeare's "As You Like It" Act 1 recorded by the drama class.

As You Like It act 1Gateway Drama
00:00 / 26:00

Dust in the Wind - Performed by Ukulele, Guitar, Advanced Orchestra, and Choir

Dust in the WindUkulele, Guitar, Advanced Orchestra, Choir
00:00 / 02:44

Tour the "Fuzzy Gallery" - the fluffiest, furriest collection of mini sculptures ever - by the Art Projects Class. (Pause as needed to better read the student statements.)

Check out a selection of "Found Object Art" - Students used what was available to them at home to create a piece that had personal meaning.

A Reader's Theater - By the specials

Drama Class at the Shakespeare Competition

A "Happy" note to finish on - By the Gateway band

HappyGateway Band
00:00 / 01:47
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Zylea Found Object